An Open Letter to Members of the US House of Representatives and US Senate

May 17, 2017


Re: President Donald Trump


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

To those of you who are deciding the fate of the nation. To those who see the President as incredibly stupid but without criminal intent and are arguing to keep him in office but with ongoing oversight and instruction in diplomacy, tact and the fundamentals of our constitution. To those who are looking into wrongdoing, malfeasance and obstruction of justice. To those who seek impeachment, and to those who seek his resignation from office, be made unalterably and irrevocably aware – the damage to our nation and the loss of trust by the people in their government cannot be overstated at this time. It is imperative that regardless of party affiliation all of you put country first.

If indeed there is any evidence that this man knowingly allowed and encouraged a foreign government to intervene on his behalf to win the election, the truth of how and with what means this was achieved must come to light. We must be willing to see the truth of it, all the ugly, double-dealing truth of it, to insure that this cannot happen again. It is not enough to ask, in private, that he resign from office so that no blame can ever be assigned to your party. Doing so will forever taint our election process. It will create long-standing, and even perhaps irreversible, mistrust in the very heart of the American democracy and the central tenet for which we fought to overthrow the monarchy, one person/one vote. And it will forever taint our ability to stand tall in the world as a beacon for others to follow – that yes, democracy and the rule of law does work.

If indeed there is any evidence that this man knowingly allowed and encouraged a foreign government to intervene on his behalf to win an election, it is imperative that he be held accountable by every means at your disposal, including a charge of treason, if that is the truth of it. No man in our dear country is above the law. Ignorance of the law or the consequences of  words and deeds is no defense. Intent to obstruct justice, to gain the favor of a hostile and adversarial foreign government through the revealing of intelligence secrets, to imprison journalists, to change environmental laws to favor his political cronies and his own business affairs while openly flouting the emoluments clause, to place our country and our planet in increasing peril from enemies, both within and without, is certainly enough evidence to cause all of you to come together in common purpose: the defense of our nation. At the very least he is unfit for the office. At the very worst he is guilty of treason.

Our constitution was borne from centuries of oppression under monarchy and the fight for rights for common people. Our nation rejected the ancient rule of unfair monarchy and despotism in favor of the fairness and justice of self-rule and self-determination. We cannot allow an adversarial non-democratic foreign government to determine our future. Whether it turns out that Donald Trump is merely stupid in combination with an enormous ego and infantile maturity or he is diabolical, scheming and involved in the greatest coup ever experienced in our history, and perhaps the history of the world, must be pursued and made known if we are to put this right. In this pursuit of truth, there is as great a purpose as was our call to arms to fight German aggression and totalitarian rule in Europe and Asia in World War II.  You must put country first. You must have the fortitude to follow the story wherever it takes you. You alone have the power to right this wrong. You alone have the power to visibly demonstrate your love of country and our cherished freedoms to all the world.  You must act quickly and in unified purpose. You must give us our blessed nation back!


Yours sincerely,


Dorette J. Presson

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