Critical thinking, the other national deficit

“Tone it down!” Like the teacher trying to restore order in the classroom I need to shout above the noise, the bullying, the restlessness, and the meanness of the children in the classroom so I can be heard. “Tone it down!”

I haven’t written a blog since before November 9, 2016 when the election results in the United States were announced. I’ve been dumbfounded, anxiety-ridden, depressed and overwhelmed by the non-stop news and events that have taken over since then. Everyday brought something new to worry about, and trying to hone a message when the next eighteen things were already coming at you rendered me mute. To say something well takes time, to say something meaningful takes thought. That’s my style. I don’t do off-the-cuff, un-researched. I don’t do everyone else’s blah-blah-blah. But I think I’ve finally reached my breaking point, and I have to speak out.

Whatever vision we once had of America representing a shining city on the hill – a beacon for poor unfortunate others searching for freedom and fairness, is long gone, if it ever actually existed outside of our Rockwell-inspired imaginations. Anger and hatred have become the norm. People who were once thoughtful have now become spiteful and petty and reactionary. The skin of civility that signifies adulthood and maturity has cracked open, revealing the festering and putrid decay underneath. The maggots are there now, feeding on the chaos and turmoil of the body politic.

I have written letters to Senators on both sides of the aisle asking them to keep a skeptical and jaded eye on this president, challenging them to take the high ground, and demand of him the high morality and calm demeanor that that office should project. Don’t pussyfoot around I implored them. This is serious. The tide of our civilization is rapidly flowing out to sea, and we’d better link arms to keep civilization from being swept under. In the meantime the fake president lobs incendiary twitter bombs behind his fortified position, fracturing the opposition into tiny little pieces, and the rest of the world says “Me too!” going off the rails with their remarks on social media. He has pissed off our allies, taunted our enemies, dialed back our freedoms, and increased our isolation, all to the applause of those chaos-loving maggots. Throw another bomb! Rake another group over the coals! Take away our discourse! We love it! It’s entertaining! Do it again!

We’ve been duped. All of us have been duped, but none more than the whining descendants of the Lord of the Flies now occupying FB and Twitter with their of-the-moment opinions that they pass around as facts. You’ve been duped, people! There’s a maniac occupying the desk in the Oval Office, this fake president bought and paid for with Russian intelligence, installed with hundreds of thousands of fake voters with fake passports who infiltrated the heartland long before we ever noticed. The only thing they had to do was vote for the puppet, and then they all boarded planes back to Moscow, Crimea, Kiev and Sebastopol, after flushing their fake passports, flush with the cohorts cash for their years-long sojourn into the heart of America. That’s why with one side of his mouth he complained of a rigged election and at the same time could boast that he would only accept the results of the election if he won, because he was that confident, he knew he had the fake voters in his pocket.

You’ve been duped people! You whiny babies who cry about unfairness, and who lob the hate and hate the laws, though you’re not sure which laws, but you hate them anyway. You’re in a frenzy of hate, freed by the lobber-in-chief to express the spite and meanness festering beneath the thin skin of civility, letting out that long-festering anger at the way your parents, your teachers, your bosses, your government treated you. You demand attention!

So you pass on the lies and half-baked nonsense from bright Bart, the real guy in power. Are you so naïve that you don’t suspect the master manipulator plants the stories to stoke the hatred and fear? Are you so gullible, you little Lords, you little maggots? He lobs incendiary word bombs at the world and calls it free speech and you fall for it, every time. You’re dupes, the lot of you. Then there’s the recent “article” about the “8 richest men in the US are progressives” which was somehow conflated with an undefined hypocrisy that proved a vague and invalid point. (News flash! Opinion is not fact!) This article was passed around on FB with nary a deep thought and never mentioned the sheiks, the sultans, the oligarchs, the kingpins and the despots with billions more than those 8 will ever have, and whose billions are only known  because they head publicly-traded companies and release details of their tax returns, and fund multi-billion dollar philanthropic organizations. No that “article” never mentioned the oil-rich sheiks and oligarchs who have skimmed their way to vast wealth, and tucked that wealth away in numbered Swiss bank accounts. Are you that ill-informed, you little morons? The men with the real money use their oil-soaked wealth to fund those Islamic terrorists you hate, to fund those animal poachers you decry, to fund those wars you are sent to fight, to fund those megalomaniacs you thought you wanted. The men with the real wealth fund the destabilization of democracy! Are you really so uninformed? You cry foul because you’re daddy didn’t give you enough attention, while the world around you burns to the ground? You claim to be an opponent of one world government – guess what – it’s here, and has been for a long time. Who do you think runs the world? It’s not the UN, it’s not Brussels, and it’s not NAFTA or TPP! Grow up! Think for a change! No, breitbart and it’s “writers” looks for the easy targets, the 8 wealthiest progressives who live their lives in the public eye, because those other ones, the sheiks, the sultans, the oligarchs and the despots who live in the shadows and stow their money in dark vaults are in league with that bright Bart and his man now occupying the White House. And you fall for it, you dupes.

To all you whiny little brats who think you know so much and feel compelled to express an uneducated opinion on FB and twitter and lob word bombs at “the others” who you claim have taken away your privileges, you little maggots who thrive on chaos and love the thrill of the bonfire – look out – because while you’re so busy separating yourselves from “the others” and descending down the black hole of factions, labeling the right or left, he or she, them and those with a broad brush of anti- this or anti-that – when the real war comes, and it will, with nuclear weapons and bullets and real bombs falling from the sky on your head, you’re going to need those “others” to take up arms with you to fight the real enemies out there, and not feel compelled to shoot you instead.

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