Eulogy for the Common Man

There are no more eloquent words,

Brilliant words already written,

To describe the downfall of a nation,

And a dream deferred,

In this eulogy for the common man.


There is no fanfare he deserves,

There is no sorrow for his passing,

There is no pity for his status,

There is no dignity we reserve,

In the eulogy for the common man.


Mark this day as the end of “we”

In our race to the self-serving “I”

Death to our high ideals and the view from God’s eye,

Death to Angels, to Joad, to Jesus, and Gandhiji.

In one eulogy for the common man.


His face blackened from coal dust

Or the pigment of his skin,

He asks why is life unjust?

Upturned hand to the nation,

He shuns education,

And laments his ancient kin.

In our eulogy for the common man.


Lamented as lost in hillbilly elegy,

The forgotten man mourns his lunch pail past.

His legacy naught, to his sons he bequeaths

As he burns the future in effigy;

Don’t progress, don’t evolve, don’t learn, hold fast!

In his eulogy for the common man.


So he goes for his gun,

Blaming Them for his quandary,

The promised mountaintop not reached.

One voted, one didn’t, but they are the same.

One the master of inequality, the other in dreams of supremacy.

Nothing more than raisins in the sun,

In my eulogy for the common man.

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